Breast Cancer SSCRG Membership

This page shows details of the members of the NCIN Breast SSCRG.  

NameRoleAffiliationLinked role
Kieran Horgan Chair    
Eluned Hughes Voluntary sector Breakthrough Breast Cancer  
Emma Lavelle  Voluntary sector Breast cancer care  
Ursula Van Mann Consumer    
Jing Cai Consumer    
John Broggio NCRAS (Birmingham)    
Nicky Coombes NCRAS    
Andy Murphy NCRAS    
Rahul Deb Pathologgy    
Sarah Pinder Pathology

Professor of Breast Pathology,

Kings College London / Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital

Anthony Maxwell Radiology    
Lis Grimsey Nursing    
Ian Moneypenny Surgery BCCOM Breast Cancer Clinical Outcome Measures Audit
David Dodwell Clinical Oncology    
Mark Sibbering Surgery  Association of Breast Surgeons Association of Breast Surgery Audit
Tom Bates Surgery  BCCOM  
Glyn Neades Surgery BCCOM  
Jan Van Der Meulen Royal College of Physicians Clinical Effectiveness Unit    
Donna McKenzie Quality Surveillance team    
Judith Bliss Clinical Trials    
Lucy Kilburn Clinical Trials    
Sarah Darby Academic