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Access to data & Office for Data Release

Accessing cancer registration and other datasets.

29 Sept 2016

Understanding Cancer E-learning

Oncology training for NHS and Public Health non-clinical staff

 07 Nov 2014

What cancer stats are available?

Download our useful reference guide.

 28 Sept 2016

Links to recent cancer statistics

The most recent cancer incidence, mortality and survival statistics can be found here.

Health Intelligence Networks

NCIN is one of five health intelligence networks run by Public Health England. The others are for cardiovascular disease, child and maternal health, mental health, dementia and neurology, and end of life care. Collaboration between the networks is growing. Find out more....

 07 Nov 2014

use MY data

The use MY data website has information on the benefits of using patient data.

 22 Apr 2016


The National Cancer Intelligence Network

The NCIN is a UK-wide initiative, working to drive improvements in standards of cancer care and clinical outcomes by improving and using the information collected about cancer patients for analysis, publication and research.

NCIN - 30 years of cancer intelligence - a look back on the history.

Find out more about NCIN.


Achieving World Class Cancer Outcomes - A strategy for England - Executive summary-  and  Report-

Most recent publications

The following is a list of the most recent publications produced by NCIN

Most recent


Incidence and Mortality statistics

National and CCG level incidence and mortality data are now available through

Cancer Outcome Metrics

Cancer outcomes indicators for stage at diagnosis and emergency presentations.

Routes to Diagnosis

Routes and relative survival for cancers diagnosed in England in 2006-2013.

Rare and less common cancers report

Incidence and mortality for many rare and less common cancers (2010-2013) in England, produced in partnership with Cancer52

New workbook on major resections by routes to diagnosis

Major resection rates in England by route to diagnosis for 20 cancer sites (2006-2010). (Previous report providing major resection rates by age and sex is also available here.)


08 Dec 2015


GP Practice Profiles

GP practice profiles are now updated. Click here for more information.

08 Dec 2015

Skin Cancer Hub and malignant melanoma profiles updated

The Skin Cancer Hub is now accessible from the NCIN website and part of the resources of the Skin Cancer SSCRG. It provides data and intelligence on skin cancers in England. It is aimed at a wide range of professionals working in the field. It provides information and links for patients and the general public who wish to understand more about skin cancers: Skin Cancer Hub.

04 Dec 2015

Cancer roadshows 2015

We are holding a series of half day roadshows in collaboration with the NHS Strategic Clinical Networks to provide commissioners, clinicians and data managers with an update on the cancer data collected and available. For further details of events near you and outputs from the events  please see the roadshows events page.

28 Oct 2015

Cancer and equality groups: key metrics 2015 report

The most recent cancer and equality groups report brings together updated information on various cancer metrics by equality groups.

23 July 2015

Gynaecological cancer profiles updated

Incidence and mortality data for women diagnosed up to 2013 and survival data for women followed up to the end of 2013, at Clinical Commissioning Group and Health and Wellbeing Board level.

14 July 2015