Cancer Type and Topic Specific Work

This section of the website describes NCRAS's work on particular types of cancer and in support of national initiatives addressing cross cutting topics.

Cancer Type Specific Work Summary

Our work on particular cancer sites or types is led by Site Specific Clinical Reference Groups. You can find details of our publications and tools for particular sites, as well information about our reference groups, through the menu to the left. A summary of the work of these groups during 2010-11 is also available.

Cross cutting topics

NCRAS works to support the cross cutting intitatives on Awareness & Early Diagnosis, Equality and Survivorship established by the Cancer Reform Strategy. We also support the National Cancer Multi-disciplinary Team Coordinators' Forum and you will find a range of information about Multi-disciplinary Team development in this section.

In additional to the Site Specific Clinical Reference Groups, NCIN established a Scientific Advisory Group to provide methodological and analytical advice regarding its information outputs and, in conjuction with the National Cancer Action Team, a Clinical Outcomes Group to link those collecting data on cancer services with those using these data.

Over the coming year, the National Cancer Intelligence Network will worked with its partners to improve the range and quality of statistics available about less common cancers, including cancers registered without a specification of site. See the Rarer Cancers flyer for more details.