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This page summarises details of NCIN's work to support equality in cancer care and outcomes. 

National Cancer Equality Initiative

The Cancer Reform Strategy highlighted that the challenge in reducing inequalities in cancer is the lack of evidence about the extent to which different forms of inequalities exist, what causes them and what interventions will be most effective in addressing them.

In recognition of these challenges, a National Cancer Equality Initiative (NCEI) has been set up to bring together key stakeholders from groups including healthcare professionals, the voluntary sector, academics, and equality champions to develop research proposals on cancer inequalities, to test interventions, and to advise on the development of wider policy.

The analysis in the most recent 2015 equality metrics report is discussed by Public Health England's (PHE) Chief Knowledge Officer, Professor John Newton, in a blog available here. This blog discussed the report in light of the publication of the Cancer Taskforce strategy. 

NCIN analysis and publications

Many of NCIN's publications highlight potential inequalities and in March 2010 NCIN produced a summary of evidence on cancer inequalities in England for the NCEI. Other NCIN reports and data briefings relevant to cancer inequalities are:



Data briefings

Presentations on inequalities

Inequalities in Cancer - Professor Sir Mike Richards (October 2012)

External analysis and publications

The impact of patient age on clinical decision-making in oncology (February 2012)

The Roots Research Centre equalities toolkit