Abstract Submission FAQs

When can I submit an abstract for the Cancer Outcomes Conference 2013?

Abstracts may be submitted from 1st October 2012 to 31st January 2013 at 18:00. No abstracts will be accepted beyond this time.

When is the submission deadline for abstracts?

The final deadline to submit the abstract is 31st January 2013, 18:00. No abstracts will be accepted beyond this time.

What is the required structure for an abstract?

An abstract consists of a title, author list and the abstract text. The abstract text should be structured as follows:

  • Background: Indicate the purpose and objective of the research, the hypothesis that was tested or a description of the problem being analyzed or evaluated.
  • Methods: Describe the setting/location for the study, study design, study population, data collection and methods of analysis used.
  • Results: Present as clearly and detailed as possible the findings/outcome of the study, with specific results in summarized form.
  • Conclusions: Briefly discuss the data and main outcome of the study. Emphasize the significance for cancer prevention, treatment, care and/or support, and future implications of the results.

How should I define the title of my abstract?

A good abstract title is short, specific, representative and informative. It helps the reviewers categorize your abstract and if accepted, it may help conference delegates find your session. The title should summarize your abstract without going into excessive details.

Can I include a table, graph or image in my abstract?

It is not possible to include tables or graphs/images in the abstract.

I am not sure which category my abstract should be submitted under?

Please select the category that most closely aligns to your work. We recognise that many abstracts will fall into two or more categories. The abstract review panel will have the authority to reassign abstracts to the most appropriate category.

How do I ensure that authors of my abstract appear in the correct order?

Please enter all authors in the order they should appear in the heading of the abstract.

How many co-authors can I include on the authors' list?

The number of co-authors is limited to 15 persons per abstract. A person can be listed as a co-author if he/she has made a substantive intellectual contribution to the submission. If you have more than 10 authors, please contact Rachael.brannan at ncin dot org.uk link Rachael Brannan .

I have submitted my abstract but now I realise that it contained a mistake and I need to revise it. Should I submit the abstract again online?

No, please do not resubmit your abstract online as this will result in a duplication. If you require modifications to your abstract(s) conference at ncin dot org.uk link contact us . No modifications will be accepted after the submission deadline (31st January 2013, 18:00).

Once submitted, can I still modify my abstract?

Once an abstract has been submitted you will be unable to log back into the submission system to make any further modifications. If you require modifications to your abstract, they may be made by conference at ncin dot org.uk link contacting us until the submission deadline (31st January 2013, 18:00). No modifications will be accepted after the submission deadline.

May I submit more than one application?

Yes, you may. Please complete one application form for each abstract you submit.

Can I submit an abstract detailing work I have presented at another conference?

Yes you can, as long as the abstract is relevant to the conference theme ‘cancer outcomes.’I tried to submit an abstract, but have not received a confirmation email that it is complete.

How do I know if it is complete?

The abstract submission process does not include an automated email response confirming your entry. All authors will be contacted after the close of the call for abstracts by email. If you do not receive a confirmation by the 25th February, please contact Rachael.brannan at ncin dot org.uk link Rachael Brannan .

Will I be able to submit my abstract in a language other than English?

No, only abstracts composed in English will be accepted for review.

Is there an abstract submission fee?

No, there is not a charge to submit an abstract; however all accepted abstracts are subject to the lead author or a designated co-author registering for the conference at the appropriate rate. Submission of an abstract does not constitute registration for the conference. Authors accepted for oral or poster presentation must register for the conference.

Selection Process

What are the criteria for an abstract being selected for oral or poster presentation?

All abstract submissions will be reviewed for:

  • Originality and innovation;
  • Scientific content supported by quantitative information and references;
  • Merit of the research;
  • Quality of written content; and
  • Adherence to guidelines and format

Please note: That because of space limitations for oral presentations, abstracts submitted for oral presentations may be accepted for poster presentation.

Who selects the abstracts and decides how they will be presented?

All submitted abstracts will go through a blind peer-review process carried out by a reviewing committee. Each abstract will be reviewed by at least three reviewers. All abstract review decisions are final. Because of the timeline, there is no appeals process or opportunity to resubmit once an abstract is rejected. 

How can I increase the chances for my abstract to be accepted?

The methodology or study design presented in your abstract should be appropriate to address the purpose and objectives. Results should be clearly presented and support the conclusions. In addition, the findings should contribute to the advancement of knowledge and development in the field of cancer outcomes. You may also want to look into some examples of abstracts from previous conferences by clicking on the links to the left of this page.

My abstract has been accepted for oral presentation, can it move session?

No, the session stated in the confirmation email is final.

I am unable to attend the conference. Can I still submit my abstract for publication in the conference brochure?

If you know for definite that it will be impossible for your material to be presented at the conference by yourself or a co-author/colleague, please do not make a submission. We do not allow abstracts to be published in the conference programme/conference brochure without an attending author.

When will I know if my abstract has been accepted?

Correspondence informing you of the outcome of review will be sent to you by email after the 11th February 2012. This correspondence will inform you of the details of your presentation format, registration information as well as instructions for the submission of your presentation slides or poster pdf.

Do I receive feedback about my submission even if it is not accepted?

In case of non-acceptance, a notification will be sent by email to the lead author. We are unable to give detailed feedback on the outcome of each abstract.

When will I know the day and time of my presentation?

Full details regarding the session you have been assigned to in the email that confirms your abstract has been selected for an oral presentation. This will be released after the 11th February 2013.


Am I automatically registered for the conference if I submit an abstract? 

No.  You must register for the Conference separately.

My abstract has been accepted for presentation. Do I have to register by a particular deadline?

Yes, if you are presenting an oral or poster presentation, it is absolutely essential that you register. The acceptance of your abstract is conditional to you registering to attend the conference by this date. Your registration confirms to the conference organisers that you will be presenting your material at the conference, and without your registration we will presume that you are no longer able to present. If you do not register by the author deadline, your presentation will be automatically removed from the program.

As an oral/poster presenter, why is there a deadline for me to register, when non-presenting delegates can register at any time?

The author registration deadline is set so that we can ensure that the final printed oral and poster programmes and programme booklet are as up-to-date as possible and include only the presentations which are actually going to be presented at the conference itself. This avoids having disruptive empty oral slots and empty poster boards at the conference set aside for authors who submitted abstracts but were ultimately unable to present.

I am going to present more than one presentation at the conference, do I need to pay more than one registration fee?

No, the registration fee for the conference applies to each attending delegate regardless of the number of presentations made.

What is included in the conference registration fee?

For a full list of what is included in the registration fee please see the Registration Information section on the conference website. This will tell you whether any meals are provided as part of your fee and what materials and documentation you should expect to receive.

I realise that I need to register, but I am still waiting to hear whether I have funding to attend. What should I do?

Acceptance to the final programme is subject to registration to the Cancer Outcomes Conference. If you are unable to secure funding by this date, please inform Rachael.brannan at ncin dot org.uk link Rachael Brannan .


I have agreed to being contacted by the NCIN Press Office, how does this work? What can I expect?

The NCIN press office will contact authors of abstracts that they think will be of potential media interest to discuss possible press activity.

Will I be approached by anyone other than the NCIN Press Office about my abstract?

Yes, you may be approached by your University or funders press office as well as the NCIN press office.  You may also be approached by an external journalist, you can direct them back to the NCIN press office if you would prefer.

Can I opt-out of being approached by the NCIN Press Office once I find out the result of my abstract submission?

Yes you can but the conference is an open meeting and there may be journalists attending the talks.

Poster prizes

How do I apply for the NCIN Poster Prizes?

You do not need to apply for the award directly. Once you have submitted an abstract for the conference and if you meet the criteria listed below, you will be automatically considered.


My abstract has been accepted, can I still retract my abstract?

You will be able to retract your abstract by contacting conference at ncin dot org.uk link conference@ncin.org.uk until the 11th March 2013, 18:00.  Beyond this date, we are unable to guarantee your abstract will be removed from the conference brochure.