ONS Minimum Cancer Dataset

Hospital Episode Statistics | National Clinical Audit Data

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) prepares national cancer registration statistics for England. An extract of this dataset is included in the National Cancer Data Repository, allowing reconcilation to the official national statistics.

The specification for this extract is shown below.

Field nameDescription of contentsFormat
DOB Patient date of birth varchar(8)/YYYYMMDD (missing values replaced with &)
DOD Patient date of death varchar(8)/YYYYMMDD (missing values replaced with &)
DOEXIT Patient date of exit varchar(8)/YYYYMMDD (missing values replaced with &)
ETHNIC Patient ethnicity varchar(1)
MIND Mulitple Tumour Indicator varchar(1)
PERNO Patient identifier varchar(8)
SEX Patient gender varchar(1)
TRACEIND Trace Indicator varchar(50)
BASDIAG Basis of diagnosis varchar(1)
CANREG Cancer registry submitting registration varchar(4)
CANREGNO Cancer registry tumour identifier varchar(7)
DCO Death certificate only registration varchar(1)
DOANNMD Month and day of diagnosis varchar(4)
DOANNYR Year of diagnosis varchar(4)
GRADE Grade of tumour varchar(1)
GROWTHBE Growth behaviour of tumour varchar(1)
PCDR Patient postcode varchar(7) inward/outward postcode IIIIOOO no space in 7 character postcodes
PERNO2 Patient identifier varchar(8)
REGSCREN Marker for screen detected tumours varchar(7)
SIDE Tumour laterality varchar(1)
SITEGROW Tumour site varchar(4)
STAGE Tumour staging varchar(4)
STATIND Status indicator varchar(1)
TRTCHEM Chemotherapy treatment marker varchar(1)
TRTHORML Hormone therapy treatment marker varchar(1)
TRTOTHER Other treatment marker varchar(1)
TRTRADIO Radiotherapy treatment marker varchar(1)
TRTSURG Surgical treatment marker varchar(10
TYPEGROW Tumour morphology varchar(4)

NHSNONEW (Eng only)

Patient NHS number varchar(15)
DOD_isdate Valid date of death marker integer
DOD_format Formatted date of death datetime
diag_date_isdate Valid diagnosis date marker integer
diag_date_format Formatted diagnosis date datetime
dob_isdate Valid date of birth marker integer
dob_format Formatted date of birth datetime