Urological cancer factsheets

20th August 2013 - Urological cancer factsheets updated with latest data. Now including all four UK countries!

The following factsheets have been produced by PHE KIT SW on behalf of NCIN and are intended to provide an overview of the current incidence, mortality and survival rates in the UK for the main urological cancers:

Previous factsheets are available on request by contacting luke.hounsome at phe dot gov.uk link luke.hounsome@phe.gov.uk

Factsheets produced by other organisations

Cancer Research UK CancerStats Cancer

Statistics and information about the causes, diagnosis, treatment, screening and molecular biology and genetics of cancer, provided by Cancer Research UK.

United States National Cancer Institute

Information on cancer provided by the National Cancer Institute of the US National Institutes of Health.

Welsh Cancer and Intelligence and Surveillance Unit (WCISU)

Factsheets published by WCISU, providing cancer-specific information and statistics on incidence, mortality and survival for Wales. Factsheets are available on prostate, urinary tract and bladder cancer.