Upper GI cancers SSCRG membership

This page shows details of the members of the Upper GI SSCRG. 

NameRoleAffiliationLinked Role
Bill Allum Chair   Peer Review, NCRI
Vicki Coupland NCIN (London)    
Sue Ballard Consumer   NCRI Consumer Liaison Group
Vacancy Consumer    
Tim Painter Voluntary Sector Oesophageal Patients Association  
Clare Mackay Voluntary Sector Pancreatic Cancer UK  
Marco Novelli Pathology   Oesophago-Gastric (O-G) Audit
Graham Pinn Nursing AUGIS  
Hemant Kocher HPB Surgery Pancreatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland  
  HPB Surgery National HPB Audit; AUGIS Audit Chair; NCRI HPB subgroup O-G Audit, NCRI
Richard Hardwick Surgery   O - G Audit
Mike Griffin GI Surgery    
Saad Tahir Clinical Oncology   O-G Audit, NCRI
Daniel Hochhauser Medical Oncology   NCRI
David Cromwell     O - G Audit
Mike Mendall  Gastroenterology British Society of Gastroenterology O-G Audit
Simon Jackson Radiology  Royal College of Radiologists  
Nicky Coombes Public Health England - NCIN    
Kris Adewole Public Health England - NCIN    
Lorraine Winship NHS England Quality Surveillance Team  National Cancer Peer Review