Lung cancer SSCRG membership

This page shows details of the members of the lung cancer SSCRG.

NameRoleAffiliationLinked Role
Michael Lind Chair    
Margreet Luchtenborg NCIN  (London)    
Daniela tatru NCIN (London)    
Jesme Fox Voluntary Sector The Roy Castle Lung Foundation  
Janette Rawlinson Consumer    
Tom Haswell Consumer    
Mick Peake Lung Physician Chair - National Lung Cancer Audit  
Andrew Nicholson Pathology Royal College of Pathologists  
Sujal Desai Radiology Royal College of Radiologists (Faculty of Radiology) Staging
Jeanette Draffan Nursing National Lung Cancer Nurse Forum Co-morbidity
Sion Barnard Surgery Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  
Richard Page  Surgery Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  
Andrew Bates Clinical Oncology JCCO / RCR - Clinical Oncology  
Denis Talbot Medical Oncology JCCO / RCR - Medical Oncology  
Robert Milroy Scotland Scottish Lung Cancer Forum Co-morbidity, Mesothelioma
Neil McAndrew Wales Lung Cancer Audit Lead - Wales  
Jonathon McAleese Northern Ireland    
Anna Hume Palliative Care Joint Committeee on Palliatiove Medicine  
Paul Beckett Respiratory Medicine Royal College of Physicians, National Lung Cancer Audit Lead National Lung Cancer Audit
David Baldwin   British Thoracic Society National Lung Cancer Audit
Ian Woolhouse   Royal College of Physicians - Chair - National  Lung Cancer Audit National Lung Cancer Audit
Vacancy   Royal College of General Practitioners National Lung Cancer Audit
Vacancy Public Health England - NCIN    
Louise Wilson NHS England Quality Surveillance team