Head and neck cancers SSCRG events

This page shows details of previous and upcoming events of the head and neck cancers SSCRG.

NCIN holds annual workshops aimed at clinical leads in Head & Neck cancers. Presentations from the workshops are available to download here:

30th October 2014

Head & Neck October 2014


April 17th 2013:

Head & neck workshop - April 2013


May 10th 2012:

Head and Neck May 2012


On May 19th 2011, NCIN held a workshop aimed at lead clinicians for Thyroid cancer multi-discilpinary teams. The presentations given at the workshop are available to download below:

Thyroid May 2011


May 18th 2010:

May 2011


November 26th 2009:

November 2009



Meetings of the Head and Neck SSCRG are held jointly with the Data for Head and Neck Oncology (DAHNO) audit Clinical Reference Group. Future meetings will be held on the following date:

  • 5th November 2015 (SSCRG/DAHNO)
  • 6th November 2015 (Workshop)

To find out more about these meetings please contact the NCIN Co-ordinating Team by emailing nicky.coombes@phe.gov.uk or calling 020 7654 8148.