Information for Patients and Carers

Specialist head and neck patient support groups

The National Association of Laryngectomee Clubs

The formation of a National Association of Laryngectomee Clubs (NALC) arose out of a meeting on 12 May 1975, at Charing Cross Hospital, London, where a number of laryngectomee patients from three London clubs met together, with the knowledge and support of clubs in Birmingham, Bristol and Nottingham. Today, NALC has almost 100 clubs nationwide and offers a range of services to Laryngectomees and their families and carers. A major role of the clubs is to provide the sort of non-medical help and information that can only come from the experience of living with a laryngectomy. The Association endeavours to publicise, by all means, the problems of the laryngectomee and to encourage understanding by the general public.

Let's Face It

Let's Face It, is a support network for people with facial disfigurement, their families, friends and professionals. The aims of the organisation are: to offer friendship on a one to one basis; to link families, friends and professionals; to assist people with facial disfigurement to share their experiences, struggles and hopes; to help them build the courage to face life again; to provide continuing education to medical, nursing, allied health professionals concerning the lifelong needs of people with facial disfigurement; and linking people with facial disfigurement, their families, friends and professionals with resources for recovery.

Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust

Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust is the first national charity in the UK dedicated solely to the support of patients with Thyroid Cancer.

Mouth Cancer Foundation

The Mouth Cancer Foundation (MCF) is a charity dedicated to the relief of sickness and the promotion and protection of good health among those suffering or at risk of mouth, throat and other head & neck cancers. The Mouth Cancer Foundation was established in June 2004 to be a professional support organization dedicated to supporting people with mouth, throat and other head & neck cancer face the crisis of cancer.

General cancer charities and other sources of information

CancerHelp UK

Cancer information provided by the charity Cancer Research UK, including different types of cancer, clinical trials and coping with cancer.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan provides practical, medical and financial support and information to help improve the lives of people living with cancer, their families and carers.

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

NICE provides national guidance on treatments, preventing ill-health and promoting good health.

NICE guidance that is of particular relevance: Improving outcomes in head and neck cancers - Information for the public

NHS Choices

NHS information service designed to help people make choices about their healthcare. The website provides sources of medical advice and information on medical conditions and treatments, healthy living, help for carers and NHS services.

Patient UK

Health information provided by GPs and nurses.