Gynaecological cancer profiles

This update to the gynaecological cancer profiles offers a simplified funnel plot view of incidence, mortality and survival data, for the different gynaecological cancers (where available), at Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Health and Wellbeing Board area level.

The funnel plot view plots the values for a chosen indicator for all areas, against the national average. Areas that are significant outliers are easily identifiable. Further advice on interpretation of the funnel plots can be found in the notes document, downloadable from the e-atlas by pressing the "notes" button or, in the metadata box below the funnel plot. 

 A "Help" facility is also available via a link on the profiles giving guidance on how to use them.

For other cancer related data, demographic data and metrics covering the wider public health agenda, please visit the PHE data gateway for a comprehensive list of a variety of tools and datasets.

The previous version of the gynaecological cancer profiles can still be found at the following links Gynaecological health profile map for primary care trusts and Gynaecological health profile map for cancer networks. However, comparison to the current profiles should not be made as metrics are based on different datasets and methodologies.

The new e-atlases can be accessed by clicking on the icons below

CCG atlas icon   HWB icon

Note: You will require Adobe's Flash plugin for your browser to see these maps. To install this please visit the Adobe website. The gynaecological cancer profiles use InstantAtlas™ mapping software.