Central nervous system SSCRG membership

This page shows details of the members of the central nervous system SSCRG.

NameAffiliationLinked role
Peter Collins            NCRI, Dataset development
David Greenberg    
Jenny Baker Brain Tumour UK  
Wendy Fulcher Brain Tumour Research Campaign NCRI
Paul Saunders    
Will Jones  Brainstrust  
Peter Collins    
Adam Waldman    
Ingela Oberg Association of Neuro-oncology Nursing  
Kevin O'Neill    
Iain Robertson The British Skull Base Society Dataset development
Andrew Brodbelt    
Tina Karabatsou    
Andy Toogood    
Chris Carrigan    
Nicky Coombes    
Kris Adewole    
James Heasman  NHS England - Quality Surveillance team