Cancer in children, teenagers and young adults SSCRG membership

This page provides the details of the members of the children, teenagers and young adults SSCRG.

NameRoleAffiliationLinked role
Martin McCabe Chair   Dataset
Charles Stiller NCIN (Oxford) CCRG  
Sabrina Sandhu NCIN (York)    
Richard Feltbower Epidemiology NCRI - TYA Clinical Studies Group  
Lorna Fern Observer NCRI - TYA  
Sam Smith Voluntary Sector Teenage Cancer Trust  
Helen Gravestock Voluntary Sector (Deputty) CLIC Sargent  
Sasha Daly Voluntary Sector    
Laura Clarke Voluntary Sector     
Abby White Consumer Daisy Eye Cancer Trust & CCPA  
Louise Soanes Nursing    
Kathy Pritchard-Jones Paediatrics   National Audit
Sujith Samarasinghe      
Catherine Cullinane      
Martin English Medical Oncology    
Adam Glaser Cancer Survivorship    
Mike Hawkins Cancer Survivorship    
Alison Cameron Radiation Oncology    
Angela Edgar Paediatric Oncology    
Andy Murphy PHE - NCRAS Datasets  
Nicky Coombes PHE - NCRAS    
Ann Butler NHS England - Quality Surveillance Team