Clinical Commissioning Group Profiles

The Clinical Commissioning Group profiles have been created to replace Primary Care Profiles. They are designed to give a ‘snapshot’ overview of cancer within a given geography.

They show how the CCG relates to the national average and uses spine charts and tables to display the data. The PCT profiles have been converted to CCG profiles as indicator sources are updated with the relevant new geographies.

CCG Profiles Example

What is included in the profiles?

The data in the profiles are updated quarterly based on the latest available information and includes measurement by CCG against the England mean and Area team mean ( upper and lower confidence intervals also included where relevant). Data relating to the individual indicators come from different data sources and different time periods. There are 26 indicators shown on each profile, grouped into 9 ‘domains’ containing indicators that are similar in type.

These domains are:

  • Headline Cancer Figures
  • 1 Year Relative Survival
  • 5 Year Relative Survival
  • Cancer screening
  • Cancer referrals
  • Cancer Waits Compliance
  • Changes in Mortality
  • Cost of Cancer

How can I access these profiles?

The profiles were available via the Cancer Commissioning Toolkit (CCT). NCIN worked with data owners to make profiles and other data held within the CCT available via the public view as part of the DH Transparency Open Data agenda. The PCT profile is available but no further data is being added. Further help and guidance is available within the CCT under Supporting Documentation ( Metadata document detailing each indicator). Some of this information is now available through the PHE Fingertips tool and ONS releases. 


We welcome comments and suggestions as to how to make future versions and iterations more relevant and useful for those who use them. Please email profiles at ncin dot link with your feedback or questions.

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